Fin tubed heat exchanger coils, steam, water and glycol coils

Engineered Pipe Hangers,
Constant & Spring Hangers, Cryogenic Supports, Pipe Support Design, Nuclear Standard Snubbers .

Copes Vulcan Control Valves

Critical Service Valves, Cavitation, Noise, Flashing, High urndown, Desuperheaters, Attemperators, Turbine Bypass Systems 

Slurry Handling Pumps, Rubber and Metal Shell Abrasive, Erosive Service Duplex Stainless Alloys Ash, Coal, Scrubber 

Water treatment technologies; Deaerators, Brine Treatment, Cooling Towers, Oil Removal 

Water treatment systems for electric generation; Broad range of products and services from pretreatment to wastewater treatment; Clarifiers, Filters, Deaerators, RO Sysytems, Demineralizers 

Fabric Expansion Joints, Temp. Rated to 2000 deg. F, Texflex composite fabrics 

Cooling Tower Inspection, Rebuilds, Repair and Replacement. Dry Cooling Systems, Wet Cooling Towers, Ash Handling Systems, Aftermarket Sales and Services

On Demand Chemistry
Cooling tower and process water disinfection system 

Turbine Inlet Chilling Systems, Thermal Energy Storage, Over 465,000 Tons Installed 

Retractable, wall and rotary sootblowers, Rebuild Copes Vulcan sootblowers, Replacement parts for Copes Vulcan sootblowers 

Butterfly Slurry Valves, Scrubber Isolation, Ash & Limestone Systems, Corrosive, Erosive Service